That one Book!

Two weeks or perhaps three months ago – after all it was Bergson who knew, I was asked: What is your ONE favourite book out of all these books? Without realizing the consequences, I pulled the book out of the shelf: This one. The Forty rules of love While flipping through the book haphazardly as … Continue reading That one Book!

I loved you

I was tidying my closet and discovered a bundle of undelivered letters and a diary with pages after pages filled with bleeding words, skillfully tied together with a black ribbon. I untied it. The cover of the diary had a very short but powerful scribbled note: Dear Future self, I do not think I will … Continue reading I loved you

3 months!

“Would you have known 3 months ago that we would be sitting here?” asked a friend in response to my claim of knowing everything about life and coming to a conclusion that it was not worth living. I was speechless but they had a point! A very important one. 3 months ago I had a Master. … Continue reading 3 months!