You won’t understand!

“How are you?” “Good” “Just good?” “Yup, good” “You know; you could say more about your life” “No, I am fine” There is so much I want to say but no words form – I am speechless. Loneliness is replaced by solitude. Finally. Sometimes no hope is a much better end than the illusion of … Continue reading You won’t understand!

Who am I?

I am not a Muslim Nor am I an Atheist And yet, I am the Kafir who seeks Union I am not a Pakistani Nor am I a Kiwi And yet, my soul is Eastern and my mind Western I am not connected Nor am I relation-less And yet, I am my Mother’s love and … Continue reading Who am I?

What will “I” be?

A fascinatingly bothersome question. I am sure one would say, “You reap what you sow”. What I do today will be my life tomorrow. But, isn't that just part of the equation though and perhaps a gross oversimplification. There is much more to it. It will be propelled by the conscious and the subconscious choices … Continue reading What will “I” be?