I loved you

I was tidying my closet and discovered a bundle of undelivered letters and a diary with pages after pages filled with bleeding words, skillfully tied together with a black ribbon. I untied it. The cover of the diary had a very short but powerful scribbled note: Dear Future self, I do not think I will … Continue reading I loved you


Destruction in shining Armour!

The first thing one could notice about him was the shape of his mouth - thinly carved lips over a full mouth. The green mystical eyes would always be the next, not that the color of his eyes had any importance, what was captivating was how his soul laid bare through that medium. One could … Continue reading Destruction in shining Armour!

I often wonder

I often wonder what my silence means, whether it speaks, whether it screams. I often wonder whether you listen when I am silent in my screams and screaming in silence. I often wonder what you'd do with the weight of my silence, maybe you'd understand that it has a reason. Maybe you'll beseech it to … Continue reading I often wonder