I refuse to be an ADULT

I promised my sister I will write a post – that was six months ago. Every few days I’d think about my promise. Every time, I failed to write a single word. I have a lot of excuses: I graduated, I got married, I was in a car accident (near death experience) and I moved … Continue reading I refuse to be an ADULT

How to clean your house and keep it that way – FOREVER!

I woke up in a garbage compound today. Again. For the 320th million times. One may ask, how do I get there? Well! As it happens to be, it is where I live. Ohhhhhhh!!!!! Everyone gets it now. I swear I cleaned the house 9 days ago. Just 9 days ago. So, naturally, I was … Continue reading How to clean your house and keep it that way – FOREVER!

3 months!

“Would you have known 3 months ago that we would be sitting here?” asked a friend in response to my claim of knowing everything about life and coming to a conclusion that it was not worth living. I was speechless but they had a point! A very important one. 3 months ago I had a Master. … Continue reading 3 months!