My revolt, my freedom and my passion

I unlocked the door and banged it shut behind me. I am not angry; I just like to bang the door and tell myself that I have come home - or that I am leaving it. I do it both ways – coming and going. I threw my shoes and bag as usual. Do I … Continue reading My revolt, my freedom and my passion


That one Book!

Two weeks or perhaps three months ago – after all it was Bergson who knew, I was asked: What is your ONE favourite book out of all these books? Without realizing the consequences, I pulled the book out of the shelf: This one. The Forty rules of love While flipping through the book haphazardly as … Continue reading That one Book!

I often wonder

I often wonder what my silence means, whether it speaks, whether it screams. I often wonder whether you listen when I am silent in my screams and screaming in silence. I often wonder what you'd do with the weight of my silence, maybe you'd understand that it has a reason. Maybe you'll beseech it to … Continue reading I often wonder

Making sense through Rumi!

“At thirty-four Rumi was an acknowledged leader of men. His life was the life of a learned orthodox professor addressing vast audiences on religion, jurisprudence and morals. He lived simply, studied deeply and lectured eloquently. His circle of disciples was already becoming unwieldy.” She was directionless. She had no ambition in life. She did not … Continue reading Making sense through Rumi!