Prisoner of time

2 am - denounced even by the unhinged minds. The voices in the head grew colder and crueler. Who are you? A human?  "Fragmented, befallen, burden," they chanted together. "Ignore them for they feed on your fears and indecisiveness," a voice of hope. One more day. A new sun will rise tomorrow. A new sun rose … Continue reading Prisoner of time


Harry Potter and other random things!

A week ago, I was having a cup of coffee in a random coffee shop when I saw two people talking to each other. What is remarkable about two people having a cup of coffee and talking? Nothing and yet it inspired a whole series of unintentional events. Their conversation was drowned by the geographical … Continue reading Harry Potter and other random things!

I found gold!

"Watch the sunrise” has been on my to-do-before-I-die list for a very long time. My excuse was that life was happening. And of course, it was, but still, it was not good enough to not witness one of the absolutely majestic displays of nature. I had recently gained some confidence in my adventurous explorations and in that … Continue reading I found gold!