Thou shalt not give unsolicited advice

"Just focus on the task at hand", I mindlessly advised an acquaintance and retreated back to the things that concerned my living.  The acquaintance went quiet and did not challenge my valueless advice. It took me a couple of minutes to understand what I had done. I had given advice when none was required.  Once … Continue reading Thou shalt not give unsolicited advice

The coffee cup and the cameras!

Sister left for India today. 11:00 pm I was taking my shoes off, ready to retire to bed, when I saw a coffee cup in my rubbish bin. The first thing that crossed my mind was that someone must have broken into my house because hot coffee is not my cup of tea. It took … Continue reading The coffee cup and the cameras!

My mother

A love affair in a toy store I fell in love with a beautiful dressing table as soon I laid my eyes on it. It was half my size and had a tiny door. The shopkeeper must have followed the sparkle in my eyes, he brought it close to me and opened the tiny door … Continue reading My mother

Prisoner of time

2 am - denounced even by the unhinged minds. The voices in the head grew colder and crueler. Who are you? A human?  "Fragmented, befallen, burden," they chanted together. "Ignore them for they feed on your fears and indecisiveness," a voice of hope. One more day. A new sun will rise tomorrow. A new sun rose … Continue reading Prisoner of time

Making sense through Rumi!

“At thirty-four Rumi was an acknowledged leader of men. His life was the life of a learned orthodox professor addressing vast audiences on religion, jurisprudence and morals. He lived simply, studied deeply and lectured eloquently. His circle of disciples was already becoming unwieldy.” She was directionless. She had no ambition in life. She did not … Continue reading Making sense through Rumi!