I have a massive heart that accommodates things such as heartbreaks, fuckups, love, compassion, more heartbreaks, more fuckups, more love, more compassion and so on and so forth.

I have a lot of scars and a lot of books.

I have a love-hate relationship with insomnia, sometimes I love to hate it, on other occasions I simply hate it.

I like to write long emails and even longer text messages.

I am a passionate lover of ideas and things and philosophers and journalists and coffee.

My mind is a very happening place. It rarely makes sense to me.

The idea to write this particular blog came about while I was casually lying on my bed and looking at the ceiling. If you had walked in, you would have found absolute silence and I would have given you a genuine smile – just for walking in.

It was a different story “in” there.

My mind was having a grand 21st birthday party. I had no idea who was invited and how many people were there. I also had no idea whose 21st it was or whether it was a 21st. Anyways, amidst the drinking, dancing, music, laughter, blood, bones, demons, fear, hookups, breakups, I thought I should just write. So, while the party continues in there, I will just pretend to ignore it and write.

Thank you for reading,

Much love,

This human.