One must imagine her happy

“A door, you said?”

“What must I do? How do I open it? What’s behind it? How will I get to it?”

Before she knew, it had all begun. The quest of opening the doors.

She was passionate, oblivious, full of life and fully-packed for an unknown adventure.

And with relative ease, she found the door. Found? No, it was always there, she just did not know.

Shiny red door embedded in a beautiful wall. Turn the head right and just the wall. Left, still the wall. Nothing else.


She could marvel only for so long, she was young and she just wanted to get through the door.


No clues. She looked at it for a very long time and then she knew what she had to do.

The task was completed. The struggle was her first; the spirit was tainted a bit. Nothing major.

The key appeared in the keyhole. Twisted it right and then a little left. She entered into a new world. Something was changing but it was too subtle for her to take any notice of it.

Walked another mile before she approached a new door.

Shiny red door embedded in this wall.


Another task waiting to be completed.


Door opened.

Something changed, a little bit more.

Walked another mile.

A new door.

Not so shiny anymore. Red? She stopped noticing.


Another task.

Door. Task. Key.


She lost count of those doors.


The change had to be noticed. She was growing conscious. And very tired.

She could not just sit at the doorstep. She still had a fair amount of fight left in her.

Change of tactics.

She decided to not complete the task this time and rather just tear the door down. It took her a very long time to get through this one.

So very tired.

Walked another mile.

Another down. The red was no more.


Another fight.

Then another one down.


Fully conscious of the struggle now.

“No more doors”, she screamed.

She devised a plan. She would climb the wall and stand on the highest heights and cheat. She would see the ultimate destination.

So, she started to climb. The details of the climb are unnecessary.

You should have seen how proudly she stood on the highest height of that door. She had successfully cheated. A moment of victory before the world turned upside down.

You should have also seen the colours draining out. She paled at the sight. You would have too if you had seen what she had seen.

There was door after door wherever the eyes could reach. Complete the task. Open the door. And so on and so forth. That’s it.

She realised that she has reached the limits of her knowledge. She has reached the end.

9 thoughts on “One must imagine her happy

  1. Such a coincidence, few days ago, I was planning to put something like this with the title – The lost keys talking about infinite doors.

    Very much similar to thoughts expressed here. I am all smiles. 🙂 Enjoyed reading this.

    Liked by 1 person

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