I found gold!

Watch the sunrise” has been on my to-do-before-I-die list for a very long time. My excuse was that life was happening. And of course, it was, but still, it was not good enough to not witness one of the absolutely majestic displays of nature.

I had recently gained some confidence in my adventurous explorations and in that spirit I thought it was about time. So, a friend and I decided on the date and a good location and the plan concretised – finally!

As I hit the bed last night, I felt the same excitement that I had felt as a child waiting for the next morning for the family trip to the beach. I somehow managed to sleep through the night while the butterflies performed their antics in the background and eventually woke up at 4 am. I quickly went out to check the weather and Oh no!! It was cloudy. With a heavy heart, I sent a message to my friend saying that we might have to postpone since it is not clear for watching the sunrise

He responded by saying that cloudy sunrise is also beautiful and that we should still do it. Best decision ever!

And so it began.


Leaving the house and also, my not-so-good photography skills!


Found the perfect spot!
4 minutes to the sunrise!
The treasure chest is opened and the most valuable gold exposed!


I was unable to contain my happiness. LOVE!


Good Morning Auckland!



40 thoughts on “I found gold!

  1. Loved reading it especially the title . I remember when I saw the sunrise or I must say felt it, every ray of it introduced me with a new emotion and those emotions carved me from time to time. Thanks for sharing such a lovely experience. Keep writing. Maheep.

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