Declaration in a dream

I wake up to the sound of Fajr azan (The call for prayer) and in extreme confusion get to the balcony. Azan and New Zealand, it just does not make any sense.

The sky is darker than usual.

Before I could establish anything further about my surroundings, I hear a loud, high-pitched siren indicating that something is wrong. In a few seconds, the city has transformed from peaceful to chaotic. There are people on the road, running around and shouting about something which is barely audible. Cars screeching and honking. 

Then, I see my sisters in a car, panicked and asking me to get out and go with them because of the“tsunami”. 

Fear gets hold of me but I decide to stay.

I tell them to run away fast and turn around to face the side of the balcony which oversees the ocean. The ground starts to shake. Before the building could collapse, a large wave covers the entire black sky and with speed moves towards the city.

I know that I am dying and without a second thought I take Shahada:

There is no god but God and Muhammad is the messenger of God

The wave engulfs me.

I eventually wake up on a patch of green grass. I am alive. Upon exploration, I find out that I am on an island which has the tallest trees with the largest and strangest red fruits that I have ever seen in my life. There is just water around me and nothing else. I am on an island alone.

Some dreams are so profound, soul-shaking and laced with layers of meaning that you wake up trembling and can recall each and every part of it as you rewind and replay it in your mind. This has been the fourth dream in my entire life that had the same effect.

I have a lot of questions. I am not sure why I took the Shahada as I am an atheist. I am not sure why I did not run away when I had the chance. I am not sure what that island represented. I am not sure if dreams are really a manifestation of the desires of our subconscious mind.

I shared my dream with my mother and she told me that she has been noticing that I had walked away from the path that was my calling. She told me that I should think about getting back to it.


I am perhaps trying to find meaning in things which do not carry any meaning, but, after all, I am a human. And that is what we do.

17 thoughts on “Declaration in a dream

  1. That’s actually a very beautiful dream with what seems like a positive message. I’m sure you could find out its meaning as in Islam we do believe good dreams have meanings. 🙂 x

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  2. Interesting that when I have a dream with a supernatural overtone it has something to do with the christian school at which I was educated or embodies some Jesus like character. I too am an atheist. Such dreams show me how deep the childhood indoctrination actually was and that 50 years later vestigial traces still lurk in the same brain from which I can dredge up childhood songs. That I experience Christian flavoured dreams and you experience Islam flavoured dreams actually proves to me that the dreams have their origin and powerfrom our subconscious and precisely that there is not a god. If all the people in the world dreamed of an Islamic themed supernatural dream, that would be a significant thing. The clue is in how subjective our dreams are. So, no, please do not infer some religious truth from it.

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  3. My sister, perhaps you consider yourself an atheist but! What you really are is a heretic like myself. lol (I believe in my Father/Creator. I no longer believe or adhere to any religion or man made rules because our Father/Creator delivered me from all my aberrations about Him & ourselves & others. That makes me a heretic not an atheist.)

    I laugh because, by your mother’s suggestions you have been called. I am done with my own conclusions about things. Perhaps reading the posts by yours truly could enlighten you further about your dream. So glad we met. Much love, thiaBasilia

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    1. Dear thiaBasilia, thank you for sharing your experience. To be very honest, I am not sure who I am anymore. I just see myself as somone who is seeking for something but has no idea what that is!
      I am glad that we have met and if possible can you please share the link for “yourstruly”. I am unable to find it.
      Much love to you too ❤


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