Consistently inconsistent!

She nestled herself among the trees, facing a patch of water, exhausted from her overambitious walking venture. As her pulse returned to normal, she noticed the stillness of the water. So calm and perfect.

She had nothing particular in mind that she wanted to bring to the foreground so she let her brain decide what it wanted to think about or not think about.

While the brain was thinking about what to think about, she aimlessly picked up a tiny piece of wood and threw it into the water. It made very tiny ripples.

She held another fallen branch and let it follow the destiny of the tiny piece of wood. The ripples were much larger this time and disturbed the consistency for a bit longer before letting the water return to its original calmness.

Something was brewing up in her mind. She was actively engaged in a lesson from nature.

She searched for a much larger piece this time and threw it in. She sat there watching for a long time before she could confidently say that the water had gone back to the way she had seen it when she had first arrived.

There it was.

The inconsistencies brought upon by the external impact.

She was “fairly” still and calm, one could say, before a large rock was dropped on her surface and created a fair amount of disturbance in her life. In response, she moved here and there, in no particular order, trying to find her stillness and flow. Expecting consistency, at that precise point, was like throwing a rock in the water and expecting it to stay still.

It was not possible.

The larger the stone, the larger the ripples, the harder it is to follow a coherent, consistent thought process, and consequently, the longer the recovery time.

The teacher.

She grabbed the piece of wood from the water and returned it to its original place before continuing on her journey. She was happy that there was a consistency in her inconsistencies too 🙂

What did you think?

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