3 Days 3 quotes challenge – Day 1

I am glad that I decided to write because had I not, I would not have come across some amazing bloggers.

Saiz from I’m here; right here has a very lyrical and conversational writing style. Love his work 🙂 He has nominated me for this 3 days 3 quotes challenge.

I am supposed to write 3 quotes every day for 3 days and then nominate 3 more people. I am just going to nominate anyone who is willing to take up this challenge.

I think, besides getting the blogging community together, this sort of helps you to bring your favourite quotes to the limelight of your own mind as well.

Quote 1

This book, the philosopher and his philosophy are very close to my heart.


Quote 2

This is from another great book that deals with the absurd


Quote 3

This one stays with me as a regular reminder.




3 thoughts on “3 Days 3 quotes challenge – Day 1

  1. That was a very kind description of my blog. Thanks for that.
    And those set of quotes are very connecting. I’m awestruck. All the three somehow sounded linked to each other.
    You’re good. Too good. Keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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