Accept my apology!

Once upon a time,

Friends were they or that she thought,

She revered him,

She acknowledged him,

She knew him as a devotee know her God,

Her devotion never wavered,

Her heart never doubted,

“Jump in that well”, had he commanded,

Jumped she would have.

So, the legend goes,

He faltered,

He fell down,

But, she apologizes

He said, “I am in control”

And lost his control

But, she apologizes

He walked into her house,

He destroyed her heart

He destroyed her soul

But, she apologizes

He had his demons,

He had the rights,

So, she apologizes

She allowed him,

She did not say “STOP”

So, she apologizes

He had his way

So, she apologizes

She, like the others, was a pawn in his game

She apologizes,

Why didn’t she speak?

When she let her words out,

She was incoherent, she was confused, she had contradictions,

So, she apologizes

Why did she suffer?

When she let her suffering out,

She was dead, alive, dead, alive,

He was mute,

He was hiding,

Not his burden,

Not his shame

So, she apologizes

It is her burden to carry

Is it her shame too?

She should apologize.

She did apologize,

She apologized for her own suffering

She apologized for his silence

She apologized for her friendship

She apologized for her trust

She apologized for her burning house

She apologized for her desecrated dreams

She apologized for her God had fallen down

Jump in that well“, he told her asked if she would,

And saw her jump and disappear.

She apologizes.



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